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33 Interviews with #justiceforfloyd protestors

Untitled Refugee Documentary  (2020-2021)

Homesick Productions, in close partnership with After Hours Pictures, has been filming and producing a feature length documentary exploring the narrative that refugees go through as they are displaced from their home countries and make a new life in the U.S. The vision is to blend first person refugee narratives, with interviews from experts and various aesthetic b-roll to visually represent these narratives. Currently we have recorded interviews from refugees themselves, such as Theresa Kashale (ELL teacher for the Sioux Falls school district and founder of Theresa's House), and David Jal (founder of Khor Wakow Project), as well as legal experts such as Taneeza Islam (Immigration Attorney) and Anna Anderson (former agent with the State Dept. overseeing certain U.S relations with UNHCR). We will keep you updated on the status of this film. 

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"Beware the Locals" (2017)

"Beware the Locals" was a documentary that celebrated the artistic life in Sioux Falls. It played only live screenings, mainly because the documentary features live performance elements tied into the actually movie and so could only be fully experienced at a live screening. 

Press for "Beware the Locals"
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