Family Legacy Videos

Family Legacy Videos are a way to preserve your family's history for generations to come, in high quality professional video. 

Sample Video

In this sample of her video biography, Jessica Zuñiga talks about growing up in a family of Californian migrant farmers/activist and some light-hearted childhood stories. 

Typically Family Legacy Videos are between 1-2 hours long. This 8 minute sample is meant serve as a taste of the full service. Due to matters related to personal and private content later in the full video, a full version will not be publicly released.

Base Package

Our starting package includes: 

1 two hour long video interview with a family member

Professional editing, sound mixing, and color grading

Full HD digital copy

1 Blu-Ray

Total Cost: $1,200


Optional Additional Features Include:

Addition of extra media i.e. photos, video, other documents

Footage filmed with loved one beyond the interview setting

Interview(s) with additional family members

4k video file

Raw video (filmed in Braw) and audio files (wav files)

Music added

Additional Blu-rays

Total Cost: varies, based on needs


Contact for Family Legacy Videos





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